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Each week wholeO Onward publishes something new and a related image on the first page after the intro. Here they are for the years 2016, 2017 and 2018. The image is linked to the related entry in wholeO Onward news and history. Click the image to go to news. The latest image appears first. So the images go back in publishing time. This page covers editions 20 (2016), 21 (2017), and 22 (2018) following the previous editions 17-19 (2013-2015), editions 14-16 (2010-2012), editions 11-13 (2007-2009), editions 8-10 (2004-2006) and editions 1-7 (1997-2003). For newer work see edition 23 (2019).

2018 - news and history 22

2018-08-05 Topsail Hill Preserve State Park Beach Dunes, 2018-12-19   Wholeo Fuller Dome Yoga Mat Personification of 5D Brain Cell Synergy, 18-12-12   Wholeo Fuller Dome Yoga Mat Namaste, 2018-12-05   Earthball near outback at Eastern Lake,  2018-11-24   Making Fuller Dome Yoga Mat,  11-22-18   Dymaxion Map Differences - Fuller Dome is a new icosahedral mapping, 2018-11-14   Circulating Both Ways - CarolYoga Practice, imagined in Fuller Dome, 2018-11-07   Wholeo Fuller Yoga Mat visualized in use at Fuller Dome, outdoors cutaway view, 2018-10-31   Yoga rug design for Fuller Dome, The Center for Spirituality and Sustainability, in Edwardsville, Illinois, 2018-10-24   Fuller Dome, The Center for Spirituality and Sustainability, in Edwardsville, Illinois, 2018-10-17   Vision of swirling both ways for Candelaria, dark virgin of Lake Titicaca, a Catholic saint. Drawing with colored pencils, 1981, 2018-10-03   Follow Equinox 2018. Strange hallucination: a little blue figure running along lake edge. More than one, like six. 2018-09-26  Thinking of shrink wrapping a field of mini black holes, 2018-09-19   Woman's Kundalini cone communications balled up, 2018-09-12   Snowy plover twirling head in interspecies communication, 2018-09-05   Williford Spring swimmer with rocks from the vent, 2018-08-29   'Dry Wing' ink painting by Elizabeth O Mlulu after a pelican in Deer Lake State Park, 2018-08-22   Rays At Dawn movie, 2018-08-15   Woman's Kundalini Portholes movie, 2018_08_08   Woman's Kundalini Porthole Storyboard Sketches, 2018-08-01   Day Out of Time 2018, Deer Lichen with iSun NRG Xuding   Snowy Plover chick in Deer Lake State Park (WB), 2018-07-18   Sunrise Storm over Deer Lake State Park, 2018-07-11   Hopi Tablet 2018, 2018-07-04   Inner Solstice 2018 iSun, 2018-06-27   Inner Solstice 2018, 2018-06-20   Monitored parrot pitcher plant #368 in Deer Lake State Park, 2018_06_13   Wholeo Eyes in Back of Head, a VR glasses headset design concept video, 2018-06-06   Woman's Kundalini porthole view in storyboard, 2018-05-30   SSL certificates for wholeo.net and wholeo.com domains ensure secure, encrypted browsing, 2018-05-22   Feminine Ray Vibe transformers streaming both ways, 2018-05-16   InOutfall Opening in Deer Lake, 2018-05-09   Feminine vibes opening porthole to Woman's Kundalini breathing, 2018-05-02   Vision of the original feminine vibes behind the rock of the big bang, 2018-04-25   Honoring octagon, addressing five brain cells in 'The Geometry of Expanding Mind', 2018-04-18   EIEnor, a union of five brain cells in 'The Geometry of Expanding Mind', 2018-04-11   Monitor marked plant #386, a white fringed orchid sprout, 2018-04-04   Advanced Equinox 2018 visions, 2018-03-28   Advanced Equinox 2018 star anise, 2018-03-21   Advanced Equinox 2018 forest campsite location, 2018-03-14   Carolyoga Woman's Kundalini breathing, Hold on breathe out, 2018-03-07   Monitoring plants marked with metal tags in Deer Lake State Park, 2018_02_28   Eastern Towhee by Deer Lake north, 2018-02-21   Woman's Kundalini cone with glyphs, mrunes, and green growth spiral path, 2018-02-14   Woman's Kundalini cone with star and glyphs, 2018-02-07   Adobe graphic channeling, 2018-01-31   Drop and wOs (wholeOOsphere), 2018-01-24   'Feminists Who Changed America - 1963-1975', a book, 2018-01-17   Carolyoga - Woman's Kundalini, 2018-01-10   Outer Solstice 2017 Woman's Kundalini activating channeling, 2018-01-03   Outer Solstice 2017 Woman's Kundalini, 2017-12-27

2017 - news and history 21

  Carolyoga Noosphere WholeOOsphering, 2017-12-20   3 Zen things for the Outer Solstice 2017, 2017-12-13   Jeff Talbert on Walton County State Parks, 2017-12-06   EIEnor model net, 2017-11-29   5 grayscale cubes in EIEnor, 2017-11-22   Understanding Noosphere in Overall EIEnor consciousness, 2017-11-15   Carolyoga orienting to 5D consciousness, tranisition to Noosphere, 2017-11-08   Falling and Aging books in Nancy Ann James home in Cassine Gardens, 2017-11-01   One With The Wind spirit coil and hurricane, an image from the video, 2017-10-25   One With The Wind spirit coil core, 2017-10-18   Feather power - circulate energy two ways, 2017-10-11   Visions of Two Acupuncture Sessions, 2017-10-04   Solar Eclipse, Physical -> Metaphysical, 2017-09-27   Marilyn Harris, leading restoration of Wholeo Dome at The Farm, 2017-09-20   Wholeo Dome deconstructed at The Farm EcoHostel, 2017-09-13   Heron vs. Egret in DLSP, FL, 2017-09-06   White-fringed orchids blooming at DLSP FL, 2017-08-30   Partial solar eclipse 8-21-2017 at DLSP, FL, 2017-08-23   Brain Crash video moment, 2017-08-16   Day Out of Time 2017 visionary meditation movie, 2017-08-09   Day Out of Time 2017 visions for movie, 2017-08-02   New snowy plover in Deer Lake State Park, 2017-07-26   Two snowy plovers in Deer Lake State Park on 5-28-2017, 2017-07-19   Visions of Acupuncture with Dr. Wu, 2017-07-12   Flamengos on the beach - video, 2017-07-05   Adventures in Expanding Awareness 2017 - movie, 2017-06-28   Gypsy glass wings springing from crystal, 2017-06-21   'As Above, So Below' pastel drawing from the late 1970s, 2017-06-14   Nancy Ann James - 2016, 2017-06-07   Left and Right Brain Expansion, 2017-05-31   Right brain expansion, 2017-05-24   Wetting, breathing brain at large, 2017-05-17   Birth Painting, 2017-05-10   Barnacle on the beach, 2017-05-03   Visions of Antenna Array in Adventures in Awareness 2017, 2017-04-26   3D Evolutionary Splurt in Adventures in Awareness 2017, 2017-04-19   Video of Pitcher plants propagated in Deer Lake State Park, 2017-04-12   Pitcher plants propagated in Deer Lake State Park, 2017-04-05   Caroling and Nancy by Liz, 2015, 2017-03-29   White-fringed orchids sprouting in Deer Lake State Park, 2017-03-22   Leo Geary trophy award winner Henry Dumbleton, 2017, 2017-03-15   Mary Ellen Lind, ink painting, 1958, 2017-03-08   Leo Geary Birth painting, 1961, 2017-03-01   Awareness glow, 2017-02-22   First hike at new Florida Trail section (CRS), 2017-02-15   First hike at new Florida Trail section (CRS), 2017-02-08   Women's March at Seagrove Beach FL, 2017-02-01   My Women's March Week - preliminary video, Part 2, 2017-01-25   My Women's March Week - preliminary video, 2017-01-18   Florida Trail, CRS Cypress Creek bridge when flooded, wet and dry in photos and quick video, 2017-01-11   Forest tour with biologists to Deer Lake State Park. Seeds galore, 2017-01-04   Bruce Varner, head of Choctawhatchee River Section on the last work day before opening the trail to hikers, 2016-12-28   June 20-21, 2016 — Solstice, 2016-12-21

2016 - news and history 20

Florida Trail: CRS Cypress Creek crossing 2010-12-02, 2015-12-14   Florida Trail: CRS Cypress Creek Bridge 2010-on, 2016-12-07   Florida Trail: CRS section history in 2010-2011 with Ron Rich, 2016-11-30   Florida Trail: CRS N section work day 11-13-2016, 2016-11-23   Florida Trail: CRS N section work day 11-11-2016, 2016-11-16   Earth currents, June 15, 1975, 2016-11-09   Journal 1975, Cosmic Color Consciousness, the Cosmic Color Fellowship emblem, 2016-11-02   Journal 1975, Being on the tip top of Mount Shasta, 2016-10-26   Florida State Parks and Beaches Pocket Ranger app, 2016-10-19   Deer Lake State Park Hikes, 2016-10-12   Follow Equinox video, 2016-10-05   Blue Springs, 2016 (From slide show kayaking at Blue Springs, FL, 2016-09-28)   Follow Equinox, 2016 (camping at Blue Springs, FL), 2016-09-21   Orchid Tour video 5 in Deer Lake State Park, 2016, 2016-09-14   Orchid Tour in Deer Lake State Park, 2016-09-07   Deer Lake State Park Forest 2016, 2016-08-31   Interpretive Signs, Williford Spring - Econfina Creek 2016-08-24   Williford Spring - Econfina Creek 2016, 2016-08-17    Georgiana Transition movie choices, 2016-08-10   Movie: 'Beyond the Frame of Reference', 2016-08-03   wholeO Onward index 0 page work, not done of course, 2016-07-27   Little Fishes In and Out of the Gulf of Mexico, a movie, 2016-07-20   Nature Meditation, 2016-07-13   Wholeo Online -> wholeOOnward, 2016-07-06   June 20-21, 2016 — Solstice, Full moon, and International Yoga Day, 2016-06-29   New Year Caroling and Ma, 2016-06-22   Leo Geary as a teen-ager in 1980, 2016-06-15   Star center to cosmos, 2016-06-08   Pitcher Plant Meadow Plus (what else is there?), 2016-06-01   A flower photo and so much more, a Photo Experience, 2016-05-25   Pitcher Plant at Deer Lake State Park, FL, 2016-05-18   Inner Solstice 2016 - Seed Stalking celebration, 2016-05-11   Wakeup BANG, 2016-05-04   Gathering Starlight, 2016-04-27   Light changes with feminine light vibes, 2016-04-20   Luminous egg, cracked open with feminine light vibes, 2016-04-13   Biologist Jeff Talbert with newly emerging pitcher plants in Deer Lake State Park, FL, 2016-04-06   Biologist John Bente in Deer Lake State Park, 2016-03-30   Smudging the mystical campsite and trip with sage at the Old Age Retreat 2016-03-23   Vision of Fibers and Spin Net Heartspace from the Old Age Retreat 2016, 2016-03-16   Camp stove aura colors from the Old Age Retreat 2016, 2016-03-09   Eastern Lake from the edge, 2016-02-24   Eastern Lake Viewpoints   Color Cube converted, 2016-02-10   Scruffrug 5D adventures, 2016-02-03   Scruffrug evolving, 2016-01-27   Magical Passes NRG Downflowing Wavy Droplets, 2016-01-20   Magical Passes Series 1 Group 1 for Carolyoga, 2016-01-13  Seeds for the year 2016, 2016-01-06   Full moon 13 sky map   Mystical camping - Gateway to Content at Outer Solstice, 2015-12-23  

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