Mat 5D Brain Cell lower hemisphere flattened into a circle Model of 5D Brain Cell from the top hemisphere Top

5D Brain Cell Yoga Mat

Compare the flat design for a yoga mat with a model of a 5D Brain Cell from the top (see above). The yoga mat collapses the bottom half of the structure to the ground. They are derived from the EIEnor. Five brain cells synergize with expanding consciousness as in Five Cell Expansion to EIEnor. See Carolyoga - Understanding Noosphere for the EIEnor in Carolyoga practice. How did the idea for a yoga mat evolve?


Alternatively, see video on YouTube.

Whole EIEnor model net Top of EIEnor model net Bottom of EIEnor model net Here are image nets for the whole EIEnor, the top, and the bottom used to construct geometric models.

EIEnor x-refs

Fuller Dome Yoga Mat

orange cubeyellow cubecyan cubeblue cubeviolet cube

See EIEnor.

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