1Outer Solstice 2018 galactic lineup. From left to right: Galactic Center,  Sun, Earth, Full Moon 2In the park on the Fuller Dome Yoga Mat, doing  the "to solstice" shoulder stand 3On 2018-12-22 after midnight, Feet up to full moon of Outer Solstice 4'To Solstice' under the full moon, inviting iSuns within 5Solstice sun at full moon time transmitting galactic light which the moon reflects back to earth

See the video

Outer Solstice 2018 - Doing

Mystical Camping observance of the Outer Solstice 2018 should be about Doing, according to November 25 genesis. This page is for the event, cabin camping at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park.

Two-minute video of the full moon on the solstice experience See the video.

1. Outer Solstice 2018 galactic lineup. From left to right: Galactic Center, Sun, Earth, Full Moon.

2. In the park on the Fuller Dome Yoga Mat, looking south, doing the 'to solstice' shoulder stand where inner and outer sun stand still, in sync on 2018-12-221 at 4:23PM.

3. On 2018-12-22 after midnight, feet up to full moon of Outer Solstice. Consider the sunlight transmitting galactic light is reflecting back to us from the moon. Feel the alignment. Get the messages within.

4. "To Solstice" under the full moon on 12-22 at 2AM is to invite iSuns in. This shoulder stand on a Wholeo Fuller Dome Yoga Mat is part of a video in progress.

5. 12-22 at 11:50AM at the exact time of the full moon, still within a day of the solstice, shadows are projected from the galactic center via the sun's light toward the moon drawing attention far out.

The last full moon at Outer Solstice was an eclipse in 2010.

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

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Topsail Hill Preserve SP Cabins to Beach Map Topsail Hill Preserve SP Cabins to Beach Map. Cabins are at the top (north). We bicycled to No Name lake, the faint branch to the dark blob to the right at the bottom (south). Campbell lake with the dwarf cypress trees is on the paved path and lake trail off the map to the left (west).

Wholeo Fuller Dome Yoga Mat Fuller Dome Yoga Mat in meditation. Note six pentagons. One in the center and five around the edge.

Wholeo Dome Yoga Mat Wholeo Dome Yoga Mat strut sketch for comparison. Note six pentagons in a more detailed configuration.

Maps above

Sky At Outer Solstice Time 2018-12-21 Sky map at 4:23PM December 21 at the Outer Solstice 2018. Note sun is setting in Sagittarius while moon is rising near Gemini.

Sun Sky At Full Moon Time 2018-12-22 Sky map at 11:50AM December 22 at the Full Moon. Note that it is opposite the Sun, so not visible on the map. I saw Mars at night. I saw Jupiter and Venus just before sunrise.

Color Healings

EIEnorOuterSolstice2018 See Flash program for casting runes on an EIEnor layout. More info there. Interpretation is personal.

MCSouterSolstice2018 See Flash program for casting Meteor Crater Spirits mrunes on a sun's galactic path layout. More info for personal interpretation.


This is the kind of post that got me started on the relationship to the milky way galaxy in 1999: http://www.gaiamind.org/solstice.htm

NASA visual of the solstice sun set in the milky way galaxy: https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap171221.html

The last full moon on a solstice was in 2010. The next one will be in 2094. Not in my lifetime but maybe in yours?

See Journal details for the event and followup: weB log.

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