To Solstice 12-2018

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From the movie:

To Solstice December 2018

'to solstice' is to stand still in alignment with the galactic center, sun, earth, & full moon.

Inner Sun. iSuns.

Comet dart-shaped sparks coating my innards, informing them. A kind of light that is not any light that I know about. We call it light but it's some kind of energy. Because I had no agenda it went into my heart, my lungs, my gizzard and thalamus. And all these parts (!!!). Somehow added to with a layer of crystalline solstice light. That will expand their consciousness and functionality. It is a question of doing. And yet it was by doing nothing that this could happen. {Deep breath} O there was a breathing. So thankful.

Full moon reflects sunlight transmitting galactic light. Feel the alignment. Get the messages within.

Morning planets in Topsail Hill Preserve State Park.

Video by Caroling of

Full Moon Full Moon

Earth Earth

Sun Sun

Galactic Center, core Galactic Center


Inner Solstice Inner Sun, iSunInner Sun, iSun


Mystical Camping observance of the Outer Solstice 2018 should be about Doing, according to November 25 genesis. This page is for the movie of the Outer Solstice 2018 galactic lineup. From left to right: Galactic Center, Sun, Earth, Full Moon.

In the park on the Fuller Dome Yoga Mat, looking south, doing the 'to solstice' shoulder stand where inner and outer sun stand still, in sync in the dark of night between the solstice and the full moon times.

On 2018-12-22 after midnight, feet up to full moon of Outer Solstice. Consider the sunlight transmitting galactic light is reflecting back to us from the moon. Watch the moon moving in orbit as we orbit the sun. Grounding.

"To Solstice" under the full moon on 12-22 at 2AM is to invite iSuns in.

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The last full moon at Outer Solstice was an eclipse in 2010.

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park


This is the kind of post that got me started on the relationship to the milky way galaxy in 1999:

NASA visual of the solstice sun set in the milky way galaxy:

The last full moon on a solstice was in 2010. The next one will be in 2094. Not in my lifetime but maybe in yours?

See Journal details for the event and followup: weB log.

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