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Women's March Altar Pins

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Lookout for 2019 - Women's March Support Meditation

Women's March. Inspired by the Women's March on Washington on January 19, 2019, I offer this design for an individual sister event. It is based on a combination of being in nature, walking and global meditation. Act as if in a linear labyrinth. March inwards to the center. Being still, vision quest. March outwards with renewed wisdom and focus. Share your experience with social media.

Do a slow walk in rhythm with and awareness of your breathing. Perhaps breathing in with two steps and breathing out with three steps.

Doing the Zen slow walk you are never quite still. You put the heel of your right foot down gently as you inhale, slowly lean down on your whole foot as you exhale, then move your body weight slightly so you can raise the next foot, to put the heel down on the next inhalation. Be aware of the flow of movement at each moment.

Personal Women's March Support Meditation

Walking (marching) meditation barefoot in Deer Lake State Park (nature). Opposite format of Zen. Experimental.

12 noon go to starting point. Have refreshments, warm up, tune in, and set intention.

1:00 Slow walk 20 minutes.

1:20 Zen slow walk 5 minutes.

1:25 Sitting meditation 10 minutes. This is the center.

1:35 Zen slow walk 5 minutes, in opposite direction, returning.

1:40 Slow walk 20 minutes.

2:00 Gratitude. Finished.

Optional hiking in nature.

wholeOOnward March

Local weather forecast for 1PM CST with wind and clouds Modify your walk as you see fit. For me, the forcast for 1PM CST is thunderstorms. Free in time, I'm marching in the morning. Local weather forecast for 1PM CST


https://actionnetwork.org/event_campaigns/third-annual-womens-march-womenswave Women's Marches around the world

https://www.womensmarch.com/2019 Women's March on Washington

Women's March 2017 on Walton County Florida BeachThe 2017 March Channeling support of worldwide Women's March at Seagrove Beach, FL

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