Women's March at Seagrove Beach FL

Women's March Worldwide 2017-01-21

Women's March. Inspired by women marching worldwide on January 21, 2017. I'm giving shamanic support. Continued on the official Washington D.C. date: January 21 with three friends. My daughter marched in Washington.

We met on the beach, which was practically deserted. The weather forecast was for thunderstorms and we were under a tornado watch. We came to hold spiritual containment for marchers all over the world but especially in Washington D.C. Each had a camera. We came in costume: I was the pantsuit, Joan the dynamic feline spirit, Pat the pussy hat peace emissary, and Leslie represented succulent wild dancing, articulate woman.

We greeted two women on the way. The wind blew forcefully northward continually. Marching to the camera we say, "We march for everyone." "March where you are." "Stronger together." "Get it together. We are as one United States. Hold government accountable. Every single one of them." "To the women marching in Washington." "Joan Head and Bob Bartz are sitting in silent meditation holding spiritual containment for the marchers."

We came upon beached Man o' War jellyfish. One had hooks on the ends of its tentacles, which we hadn't seen before. Something was moving within the jelly. One was shaped like a cat head so we playfully added features and whiskers to the pussycat.

Marching east toward exposed peat underlying the quartz crystalline sands, we affirmed earth currents connecting our feet with marchers around the world. To the sea waves we sang, "May the longtime sun shine on you, All love surround you, May the pure light within you, Guide your way on."

Pink pussy-hatted marcher held up a feather of what appeared to be invoking healing, protection, and transformation.

We did standing qi gong breathing energy gathering and sending.

HEAR OUR VOICE came from womensmarch.com app on our phones. "I'm glad we came to the beach. Its inspiring me, the air, the whiteness, the sun and your company. Mmmm." The stormy weather spares us. The peace symbol rises. As the sunlight breaks through the overcast clouds, "Hail great Mother. Be with us today. And every day."

Credits: VIDEO BY CAROLING OF WHOLEO.NET. Photo thanks to Joan Vienot. Photo thanks to Pat 'Sheewho' Cummins. Photo thanks to Leslie Astin Kolovich.

My Daughter's Report

I'm very glad we went to the March. The D.C. March had double the number of people expected so by the time we got there police had blocked off the main March area. This confused a lot of people but what happened was a second March evolved parallel to the main March. There were times we got very close to the main March but the people I was walking with didn't want to delve in. It was very crowded and intense. It was ok. I am so glad I went. It was important to show up. The whole country noticed! 

At the March people were extremely nice, polite, helpful, etc. Rachel Maddow, I love her, said there were no arrests. There was no counter protesting or anyone trying to high jack our experience. There were some christians with microphones but us marchers drowned them out with our chants "pray for science!"


I will send out the post cards to my Senators and call them when issues come up.

Our local Dems party keeps us up to date and gives us manageable action items.

For the first time ever, I paid for a NY Times digital subscription. I feel like they took on the fight with Trump and they deserve my support (a local newspaper owner urged us to do this saying the newspapers needed our help.)

So that's where I'm at.

1/21 Channeling support of worldwide Women's March at Seagrove Beach, FL The March


https://www.womensmarch.com/sisters/ Women's Marches around the world

https://www.womensmarch.com Women's March on Washington

Lookout 2017.

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