Part 1 Part 1 Part 2 Part 2 March Women's March at Seagrove Beach FL

My Women's March Week

Lookout for 2017 - Women's March

Women's March. Inspired by women marching on January 21, 2017, I gave shamanic support for the week starting the previous Saturday. Continued with three friends on the official day. Parts 1 and 2 are preliminary versions to be continued and merged with the 1/21 March.


Part 1

1/14 I started a personal Women's March week with crystal and herb smudging at the creek, swamp, connecting to aquifer, river, Gulf and ocean. CRS section of the Florida Trail.

1/15 I did walking meditation with pearl steps as shown in Lake2Lake. I carried the lit herbal bundle, wafting incense from Deer Lake to Eastern Lake. Each day until January 21 when we march together, connect radiants from earth's core through each being around the world.

1/16 to the Sylvan Spring Trail and Nature Trail along Econfina Creek between Williford Spring and Pitt Spring.

1/17 Lake2Lake beach side

1/18 Publishing trail

Preliminary video, 1-18-2017

Part 2

Enso, March Part 2

1/19 Walking Meditation on the beach in Deer Lake State Park ending in an enso

1/20 Longleaf Greenway Trail in Point Washington State Forest Map

Part 3 - The March

Women's March at Seagrove Beach FL

1/21 Channeling support of worldwide Women's March at Seagrove Beach, FL The March

Links Women's Marches around the world Women's March on Washington

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