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Color Spectrum Enso ~ Easter ~ Earth Day ~ Sage Smudge Altar

Cluster of meditative events bewteen 4/17-4/22/2014.

On 4/17 during meditation I envisioned a color spectrum enso. An enso is circle. A symbol of wholeness that in this world of changes is imperfect, an expression of the moment. It was a rainbow enso, actually a spectrum enso. spectrum of what we can see from red to blue violet. The brush then smears this line into a circular pattern or swirl starting at the top in infra-red, going to red counter- clockwise around with gold yellow green at the bottom and rounding up headed towards blue but infra red never meets uv, just as the enso circle paradoxically is never complete. But we rest in the stillness of the almost complete but imperfect each moment. We could say that rounding a color wheel, going from blue-violet to ultraviolet to red-violet is the wholeness beyond. Magenta is the opposite of all we know, our farthest reach. It is nothing. It is where the ends of the electromagnetic spectrum reach around to meet and form a color wheel. It is the connectivity of mind.

Wikipedia describes ensō as Zen Buddhist practice, which I have studied and feel akin to. Ink painting, which I have done, but now work online with a graphic tablet and pressure sensitive pen. So this is a friend of Zen working with different graphic tools, but to me a spiritual practice, done all at once. My stroke was all at once but coloring was a long process with much trial and error. At first I had imagined brush-stroking a spectrum. I'm sure it can be done but I haven't yet found the way. Also of course adding color is unensoid. And incorporating a photo of a spectrum is further complicating the imagery thus further distancing the stroke from an enso. Or I could say it is enhanced.

On 4/20, Easter I met a deer on Hwy 30A in Deer Lake SP this morning. We locked in a love gaze for three still minutes. Facebook photo.

On 4/22, Earth Day

Lyrid Meteor Shower before dawn. Saw a falling star.

ECMS sunrise meditation, 6-6:30 a.m. CDT.

Sun-burning bridge April 22, 2014 Earth Day Meditator (myself) Meditators after meditation

Bridge-burning sunrise over Choctawhatchee Bay.

Global meditation at 12 noon Smudge for Mother Earth. I performed a partly active practice passing symbolic objects through the plumes of smoke from sage embers. Blessing the altar, the water, goblet holding the water, my cells, the sage, the match that lit the sage, the abalone shell holding the sage, haptihedron, cube storage block, EIEnor the 5D consciousness model, and Geome the universal translator crystal friend.

Meeting in afternoon with Tom Daniel, VP of Trails for the Florida National Scenic Trail. We are preparing videos. Specifically today about blazing, marking the trail clearly so that hikers can find their way. This is my Earth Day service.

Global meditation at 6pm PDT Unify on Earth Day Sat to meditate with Unify and it was divine. Afterwards I'm still transported, enhanced, gleeful. At one point I felt a surge merge group hug. So loving. Felt weightless partly. At times floating, like a candle or waterflower (waterlily) on large rolling back and forth waves. At one point opened eyes wide and experienced clear light. Mind resigned to not understand, but being awake, aware, being in clear light. General intense intensity.

See also Enso Zeroes and Meditation.

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