Liquid StarlightColor

Liquid Starlight of the Mind

Golden eggs drop into the open ends from flexible tubes extending far aloft in the blue. Recalling the flow around the Mushroom Ribs, Wonder informs her companions, "I'll bet those are Cosmic Juices Transmuted in a Person."

The friends all bounce down on the air mattress-like tubes and stick their heads into the Juice Drops. A honey-warm sensation lubricates their psyches.

"Don't overdose," warns Bear, pulling his head out and sitting back to meditate.

"I'm stoned," croons Dog, tongue lolling. Squirrel quivers with delight.

Wonder faces them. She queries, "How do we sense these processes? They are just visions. We can't touch them. " Dog and Squirrel are pretending to wrap Bear in Liquid Starlight of the Mind. It's a fine golden webbing in a delicate orchid-colored medium. "And... do you suppose this stuff has anything to do with the movement of memories," ponders Wonder?

"We don't know," say the animals. Bear rouses himself, shaking off the Liquid Starlight in starry twinkles.Starlight in Wholeo Dome

Color graphic on back cover, see graphic 11, top middle. See Wholeo Dome panels.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 56-57

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