Consciousness and Memory

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Spirit Coil Skin

"The Spirit Coil should be visible from here," announces Bear.

Squirrel pipes up, "Let's look for it."

They lie back astride the tubes, heads together. Soon they distinguish the orchid supple snakeskin of the tip of the Spirit Coil in Enlarged Phase (1) going WHIRWHIRWHIRWHIRWHIRWHIRWHIRWHIRWHIRWHIR. Dog tries to catch the skin with his nose.

At the top of the brain, the interlocking meshes loosen. The discs head with rounded centers, jetting along in uneven spurts. They are exuberant lavender buds. The sound of the Overlapped Phase (2) is SLURSLURSLURSLURSLURSLURSLURSLURSLURSLURSLUR.

"OOH! I like the way they slow down and change direction," breathes Wonder in tune to the WHIRWHIRWHIRWHIRWHIRWHIR of the Prayer Phase (3). The heads dent in and the meshes bend in behind, creating golden cups. They gather light from the Claps, which, as a source of power, react with the backs of the discs to create propulsion later.

Slower yet, the Spirit Coil movement is reversed as the discs relax flat open. The color of the Meditation Phase (4) is a light Spring Green, SLURSLURSLURSLUR.

Then the Coil widens to repeat the circuit.

Color graphic on back cover, see graphic 12, top right.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 58-59

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