Phases 1 and 2

Spirit Coil: Enlarged and Overlapped Phases

Wonder's friends are entranced. During Prayer Phase, the Spirit Coil picks up Memory Pre-Beads and carries them along. Bear notices how the stripes in the Pre-Beads are more like slices. The Beads are not stacked perfectly together.

Standing up, Bear is affected by the mainstream of the Spirit Coil. He tumbles from a standstill, gradually allowing the knot of himself to unravel until he glides.*

The Spirit Coil moves like wind but has less resistance than air, so Bear revolves quickly down the cylindrical coil of the great Enlarged Phase. He blinks to get used to the light.

At the bottom he turns back up in the Overlapped Phase, soaring in ever widening then decreasing spins. He steers serenely above the Point of Consciousness, rounds below and pulls out on the Funnel of the Mushroom Ribs.

Bear leans back to enjoy the show. He's intrigued by the Overlapped Phase. The Coil tightens its spin in two spheres, the one overlapping the other in the center at tremendous speed.

* (Imagine Bear's flight with your eyes in the drawing. To make it very real for yourself, color in his path.)

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 60-61

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