Dreams for May 25 1999

Dream around midnight: Structure like cactus with holes all over. Bam Bam Bam Bam 4x per second. What happens? Sound or?


Wakeup dream song in the morning.

Forever and ever
Hearts will be true
We both made a promise
A healing for you


I found an entry in my journal from June, 1996 that pre-dates and relates precisely to the "Cactus Bam" dream of 5/25/99. Here is the journal entry, slightly edited for clarity.
"I envision a cactus stem that is hollow and full of openings. Remember seeing that on the way up to Gunter launch. Think it had a yellow flower at the end. Thought of photographing but didn't. Now I wonder if it was magic or real. It is the weaving of the antlers and footsteps of the ancestral spirits who appear as deer. The wind can blow through the stem, and the heart is empty, yet contains the vision to be hatched. So to pick it and place the flower as reminder."
The "Gunter launch" relates to a walk that I had taken in Owens valley up the road to the parapente launch site. It was a blisteringly hot walk and I was so fatigued from altitude sickness that I could hardly walk. I'm interested in the statement "wonder if it was magic or real". Interesting that it should appear so vividly in my dream 3 years later, with sound effects, and as a result of an idea to share healings with my daughter. The cactus contains the visions to be hatched.

Poetically I can see the spines of the cactus as the antlers of the deer. The holes in the cactus are like the footsteps, empty after the foot moved on. Maybe relating to the 4-bams-per-second sound, the deer were running. Moving each of four feet one time per second.

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