Journal February 18, 2009 - Intuition

{Note: this is transcription of walk/talk recording, talking to myself and you.}



I was looking at the WomanSpirit magazine and I found labyrinth, labrys, symbol. It's very much like part of wholeo {symbol} fits in there. Instant (knowledge? bang?); when I got the Wholeo symbol I must have related unconsciously to this symbol for the goddess. Now it resonated and I thought where to put this on my website, I thought it should not just be about the Wholeo symbol, but the process of intuition. I did think channel. But on my website, there's a section on Imagine, in Trips. And then, it has Art and ...

Caroling has channeling in which I document with examples different synchronicities and coincidences. Channeling makes it sound sort of esoteric. But when I saw this symbol, it wasn't just channeling. Intuition can be fed by the whole brain. It is not passive and receptive. Could be the act of channeling. They are subsets of each other. Channeling contains intuition. Intuition contains channeling. Can't separate things into hierarchy. The arrows between boxes go both ways.

But intuition is more associated with a kind of thinking. Anything that would get concrete, into language or art, has a mental aspect, is not pure in any way. It's going through the brain and is making all those mental connections to everything I've ever seen, heard, or known, So when I have an intuition it is like trusting my gut. My mind can't figure it out. It's not logical. We like it to be so we can more easily explain it to others; more easy to communicate a logical decision. And our culture, especially scientific culture depends ... must be rigorously logical. So we're happy when we can measure, define, and pin it down. So we go for that first. Maybe that's the male culture too. But the same with intuition, could say that comes first.

The Wholeo symbol is like the brain too: right, left, and corpus callosum in between. The whole mind somehow got symmetrically divided up. If we have an intuition and go the logical path, great. Or we can have an intuition with emotional surety that we don't see the need to justify, although I myself am not, some people are totally happy. Like with Jesus, seems to be a certitude for many people. They think that is the only way. It works for them. But it doesn't work for everybody. So it is not scientific. But everyone doesn't buy science facts either. Everything I say eventually breaks down like little sand castles of thought. The waves of wholeness wash over it, grind it around as stuff for another castle to be built. Maybe call it sand castles wholeo style.

Should do a page on intuition honoring what Buckminster Fuller called his boat/sloop: intuition. {He also wrote a book called Intuition.} It is possible that I had seen this ancient symbol coming out of mythology that's been around for a couple of thousand years. We don't know if intuition checks into the akashic record, or having seen Boehme or other butterfly, telepathy, spirit guides, a lot of forces adding to books and pictures in my memory. Unconscious, superconscious, subconsciousness, hyperconsciousness. Mention the relationship to consciousness symbol turned out to be ancient symbol for the sun and used by Native Americans and others. Also the buffalo.

Intuition instantly bridges the gap between expansion of consciousness, evolution, and goddess, but hard for dictionary to do that.

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