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Channeling the Wholeo Symbol and Labrys

Wholeo Symbol 2013I discovered that the Wholeo Symbol is like a labrys. That is, in February 2009 I found that the symbol I had intuited in 1975 fits right into an ancient symbol, a battle ax for the goddess or journey into wholeness. Note that the symbol rotated in 2013.

How did it happen? Non-linearly. I was at my altar gonging a bell as I do before yoga each day, when eye wandered to some WomanSpirit magazines. I had published a healing dream in one and later had received five more, not yet read, reminding me of Stained Glass lib, when I started thinking for myself. I'm a feminist on the subject of womanhood generally. These days I feel transformation and change accelerating.

Opening a page at random, I read "Ariadne's Maze, Toward a Matriarchal Mythology", by Caroline Overman, Rootworks with art by Tanda, page 34 in WomanSpirit magazine (credit below). Reading on about labyrinth. "The only appropriate weapon was of course the Labrys itself (for which the labyrinth was named)." Goddesses going to the underworld interested me. I found many parallels with my guidance and dreamwork.

I love this part of the text, which is on page 34,

"First we need to remember that that which patriarchy presents as confrontation, in which one of the participants is destroyed, is actually an act or process of integration, in which two aspects of the self are united."

The last paragraph got me.

"In our version of the Cretan story, Ariadne (or Ariagne, "very holy") carries the sacred labyris, with its juxtaposed waning and waxing moon shapes, symbolizing the journey into and out of darkness (the labyrinth). She ... makes in each lifetime the a-mazing journey into wholeness."

Wholeness. The search for the whole self is the key to the wholeo symbol and my vision quest. I must find the labrys. On the web I found the different spellings, the y or the i, the y removed (labyris, labyrys, and labrys). But stunned to see the pictures, which match or embody the wholeo symbol. Here are some links for starters.

Caroling bullet Caroling section colorWhy is this page background blue when I'm in the golden Caroling section of wholeo.net? Another intuitive leap or creative act followed by analysis says the bright deep blue is a blend of the channeling and imaginative aspects of this process. Channeling is being receptive. Imagining is creating, integrating all personal powers. I put this page under Caroling/Channel/Sync because although I asked for a logo of the whole and reached for the WomanSpirit magazine, I felt that primarily I was guided and responding to guidance toward realization. However, the images are in Trips/Wholeo/symbol/images because of actively intuiting the meanings. See a journal excerpt on the topic of intuition.
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