Journal on Pineal - Peru

This information is in the journal but not the book, On the Way to Machu Picchu.

June 17, 1981

I create light, 3. Transform light, 1. I am light, 4. I am beyond light, 5. I eat light, 6. I give or I spread light (as spheres) to my body, to others, Matrix, Sun, Shasta, and America. ...

The ... light does not come from anywhere. It is a cycle. Setting up the cycle is to become a light bearer. A light bearer not only suffers light, holds light, but gives birth to light. ...

Anyway it seems the steps all have to be simultaneous or outside of time so #5 can take advantage of EIE gone in #4. There's a light I see going on and off, it reminds me of the pineal and vibes. I saw the basic truth as on and off. (This may relate to phases of spirit coil in consciousness, too) there must be an on and off. I feel these 5 steps are increasingly on but eating the light is the end of on. Then there's off.

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