The Smallest Unit of Life at the Eye of Universal Mind

Back to the Eye of Universal Mind. It is a leap to becoming centered as pure wonder.

Once upon a time there is an infinitessimal Eye of Universal Mind at a Point of Consciousness. Wonder is at the Point now, watching. All around is the infinite Womb of Universal Mind. Sensing the astonishing force causes tears to brim in Wonder's eyes. They soon dry as she witnesses her simple yet grand beginning.

A bubble forms around swirling energies that spring from the Eye, hovering. The Smallest Unit of Life resembles an embryo attached with a misty umbilical cord to the nourishing placenta of the flow of All. A red band of vibes wraps courterclockwise up the outside of the ball.

Blue Vibes spiral clockwise down around the inside surface. Between the North and South poles winds a core of yellow impulses. The three parts might be called, "Right,""Left," and "Zap" thinks Wonder.

"What keeps it going?" Wonder gazes into the Eye, captivated by the peace in the center. It's like an altar for her. The Smallest Unit of Life fades while its central core continues to light the interior of the bubble.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 10-11

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