Smallest Unit of Life

Wonder wanders in the garden mulling over the question, "How does my name look in my mind?" The light darkens and she begins to run down the twisty turny old path. Past the gazebo the lawn stretches towards her home. She runs faster. Then, as if in a dream, her feet come down ever so lightly, not quite touching the ground. Each step beomes slow, yet she glides far.

She flashes past the house on an up leap, turning to watch it tiny below. From here on, she runs backward, Wonder in Aliceland, going deep into herself. As she dwindles in the distance of her past, she is on the way to seeing her prenatal pyschic growth. With wringing intuition, she cries, "......replay me!" Wind tears the words, scattering letters in whispering leaves.

Ordinary listening dims, as Wonder is caught in Spider Woman's web of angles. The magic web unwinds and Wonder spins back through all she has made, all she has learned. Her leap is less that of a bionic, mutant, super heroine; as a leap out of gravity. In a way, the leap is a fling as grand as the Milky Way spread over the night sky. Wonder is as dark as Nuit, Egyptian Goddess arching the heavens, a night space set with nebulae. Her leap stands for us all. The smalling whirlpool of the web takes her apart into how she was born.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 8-9

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