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Chakras woodcut

In New York, in the early 60s, exploring spiritual traditions of India before Buddhism, I read the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and The Serpent Power. Coming to San Francisco in the mid-60s, I read Ouspensky's The Fourth Way and Gurdjieff's Tales of Beelzebub. So I learned of the energy of the aura.

This woodcut shows chakras (energy centers along the spine) as geometric forms in red with elemental attributes in blue. Click the little picture to see a larger one (approximately the actual size). Here is the stack, starting at the base:

6. Consciousness or the flower of awareness - radiant

5. Circle - ether

4. Hexagon - air

3. Triangle - fire

2. Crescent - water

1. Square - earth

I cut a separate piece of wood for each image. I rolled red paint on one and pressed it onto magenta-colored tissue paper. When dry, I printed the blue image over it. In 2003, this work is 35 years old but looks new. There is no oil seepage and the paper color has not faded.

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