Arcs, Connectors, and the Higher Emotions

Bear speaks up. "See the faint Chakra Arcs and Connectors?" In being noticed, the structures are emphasized.

Dog says, "When they hit the inside of this egg, they make the colors change."

"And the patterns," squeaks Squirrel. The Connectors contact the Higher Emotions in little puffs that look like instantaneous leeches, then vanish.

"Here I am, wondering away what kind of information these Arcs and Connectors bring, how it's translated into colors and how or if the baby ever is aware of it. It's so So vague. O Wonder Wonder I lose patience with me."

"Really," groans bear, "Don't ever stop. If you don't wonder, we'll never find out. Your wondering is the first step in the creation of a fact. You make me think anew."

"And me feel," chirps Squirrel.

"And me sense," Dog rolls his eyes.

Wonder responds warmly; still, doubts linger. "But most kids get over their 'why' stage by puberty at least. I fear I'm a retard," wails Wonder.

"No, no. You've got it wrong," insists Bear. It's the grown-ups that are often 'retards' stuck with old facts. Children stop asking questions when they get nowhere answers. Some even stop wondering. Just be thankful you have gone on with your great wonder."

"We love you too," chime in Dog and Squirrel.

"I love you. And you are correct, I couldn't change. Long live me," Wonder asserts, greatly cheered. The Arcs and Connectors become invisible.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 98-99

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