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connector 2connector 3Connectors first appeared to me in 1979. I drew them in Wonder in Aliceland as part of the human surround, located between the the Health Aura (close to the body) and the Higher Emotions (farther out, all around). See Connectors and Connectors and the Higher Emotions.

Revisit the idea of Art Fiction in the preface: "Art fiction is distinguished from science fiction in that: 1. The story is told primarily in pictures rather than text. 2. The insights determining the setting and action of the text are artistic and visionary rather than scientific."

In 2003, I envisioned "spark blue flow processes" that looked like connectors between Ester, spirit of Eastern Lake, Galaxy People, and Caroling.

The connectors that appeared to me in 2007 are part of the earth surround, arising from iBar Spiral Stacks in MindField. I have seen them over deer lichen (deer moss) and at the beach. I don't know if I'm discovering or creating them. It is not clear when envisioning is an act of inventing. See Higher Emotions and MindField Connectors.

In 2015 many connectors have appeared and can be found in pages. For example, a multi-D galactic connector is in the Lake2Lake practice.

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