Miniature SpheresColor

Miniature Spheres of the Higher Emotions in the Spirit Coil

The group drifts slowly toward the top of the Spirit Coil in a meandering current of orchid pooled with a paprika tone. The spirit Coil is now very obvious and much more complex than before. There are cell-like forms, tubes, lotus petals, and dots. The friends wonder at the new additions.

Squirrel says, "What I want to know is: Why are those inside-out balls, like the one we're in, in the Spirit Coil?"

Bear approves, "Bravo, Squirrel, the more 'whys' the better."

Wonder speculates, "They are Miniature Spheres of the Higher Emotions. Look at the top. When a Miniature appears and enters the Coil, the small one looks just like the big Spheres. It must be a model or record of . . ."

Dog interjects, "Some disappear at the Point of Consciousness and . . ."

Squirrel interrupts, "At the bottom of the Coil, they all go."

The friends watch the intense swirling stain far below where the Miniature Spheres of the Higher Emotions leave the Coil and recycle in the sea of colors. Wonder continues, "It looks like the fetus is not paying too much attention to the Higher Emotions. Most just flow on through."

Color graphic on back cover, see graphic 17, bottom middle.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 100-101

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