First  Memory Bead String

First Memory Bead String

The Memory Bead String is replacing the Spirit Coil in view.

"How it has grown. It looks like an 8," says Dog.

"That's an infinity sign, also," remarks Bear. His tone of overbearing erudition is aesthetically mellowed by the sea of the Higher Emotions.

"It's almost done," notes Wonder.

"Done," asks Squirrel?

"See, there's a gap in the 8 just below the navel," Wonder explains. The light dims and blinks as though there is a great strain on the power sources. A couple more Memory Beads form, filling the gap.

"It IS done. There are 44 beads," Bear says, trusting his intuition, which has been greatly improving lately. He hopes he has guessed the precise number. The light glimmers in the turbulent sea of the Higher Emotions. It's blowing up a storm. Wonder and her friends are getting very near the top of the Spirit Coil. "I want to get on the Coil before this filmy apotheosis of the emotions gets too wild," Bear growls.

Close-up, they see there's no problem. Every time the Spirit Coil goes into Enlarged Phase, it sucks a small quick whirlpool of the Higher Emotions. They float in next, all quaffed at once, along with a Miniature Sphere of the Higher Emotions of the time.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 102-103

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