Side Views of First  Memory Bead String

XII. Birth

Side Views of the First Memory Bead String

Pre-natal Memory Beads (side view) 1 I (identity) 2 Like 3 It (state) 4 Here. 5What 6 Is 7 That? 8 When
9 Does 10 It (thing) 11 Come? 12 How (in what way?) 13 will 14 "its" 15 vary 16 in 17 categories
18 Hot 19 Cold 20 Temperature 21 Down 22 Up 23 Direction 24 I (vs. matrix) 25 Perceive 26 It (changes)
27 What? 28 Sound 29 Touch 30 Savor 31 Light & Dark 32 Balance 33 Movement 34 Space-time continuum 35 Speed
36 Quality 37 Quantity 38 How it moves 39 Life & Death 40 Flowing 41 Distinction inner & outer 42 Confidence 43 Fear 44 Conflict

Flying along in the Spirit Coil, shaking out sparkling wisps of the elixir of Emotions, they feel like veterans on parade.

"Let's hold hands so no one gets lost in the Unconscious," entreats Wonder. She continues, "How will I feel about this trip when I get home? Who will I tell? Will they think it's too weird?" Wonder, Bear, Dog, and Squirrel convulse with laughter.

"How weird can it be, since we're here," says Dog sensibly? Wonder and the animals zoom up onto the Funnel by the Point of Consciousness, which feels as safe and familiar as a rock.

"All I've seen out there is Cosmic Juices," says Wonder, pointing out from the Point. Putting her eye to the hole in the Funnel, she gets zapped with a bevy of colored vibes. "Universal Mind is out there. Is that God/dess," Wonder asks?

"Maybe so, maybe no. Keep wondering. You'll find out," answers Bear.

"Look at those turbulent Spheres in the Spirit Coil. The sea must be quite traumatic," says Squirrel.

" And look, Memory Beads are being formed much faster than before. The Beads on the second string are the same as the first, but with additional stripes," says Dog.

"Sure looks like the meanings of the second string are based on the first," says Bear. "What's going on?"

An idea hits Wonder and she says, "Maybe this baby -- me -- is being born."

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 104-105

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