Memory Beads and Spirit Coil

Memory Bead String and Spirit Coil in Prayer Phase

The shadowy figure is much bigger and kicking energetically. Bear is dying of curiosity. "Wonder, come on, BE the fetus. Tell us what's happening."

"Yes, Wonder, do it," plead Dog and Squirrel.

Wonder assesses her resistance, then says, "I'll hypnotize myself." She squeezes their paws, lets go, and closes her eyes.

"I can tell what the fetus is thinking and feeling. I will BE this fetus. I will wake up after the baby is born." As Wonder takes herself way back in time, she forgets and falls back into innocence. She has allowed her fetal wholeness to be obscured. She has been taught to manifest a small part of herself. To regain entrance to her psychic world, the former baby has to work long and hard. The work is to let go, wake up and be her whole psychic self again, consciously, in her grown-up life.

"Who are you?" asks Bear softly.

At last Wonder speaks. "I am a fetus. Something terrible is happening to me. Before this, all was wonderful. But I didn't know it was wonderful. Not knowing of imperfection, I couldn't truly appreciate it. That was life. Everything was connected to me. Now, I'm not sure. Everything begins strumming with a vibration, a huge new sound, a strobe light in my body, like a herald. I'm so moved by it."

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 106-107

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