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9 Color levels and notes on scale
B ti purple
A la blue
G so bluegreen
F fa green
E mi yellow
D re orange
C do red

Funicula reflects on how making pyramids is a refined version of pearl-making. Light is gathered, concentrated, stored, and used. A discovery helps her take the next step in "electrical body alchemy."

January 13, 1980. The frontispiece in a friend's book catches her attention. The Book of Knowledge"*. The Capstone of the Pyramid. Yellow. Orange. Red. Purple. Blue. Bluegreen. Green. It's the color order of a spectrum atop the pyramid that seems meaningful. It's as if a rainbow has been split in the middle and joined end to end. Starting at the navel, down through the lower chakras then circling up the back and down the upper chakras to the heart gives the same order.

Funicula finds herself comparing the "new" spectrum (see left of drawing on page 24) with the rainbow order of chakras from red at the root to purple at the crown (see right of drawing). She has a growing conviction this is a key to building her Light Body; providing materials and breaking up light in a new way.

She gradually evolves an image of herself seated in a sea of 9 color levels related to her chakras. The two higher (8th and 9th) chakras are added as yellowgreen and magenta, honoring the circle of nine. The capstone of the pyramid color order fits perfectly as the upper triangle of the star of David. The color sea is extended up 3 levels. Funicula sees the basic rainbow triangle as feminine, energized by the earth angel. The upper triangle is masculine, energized by the sky angel. The triangles can be seen 3 dimensionally as overlapping tetrahedrons. This position relates to the Tetrahedral Light Muscle in an ordinary Brain Cell.

Funicula begins to do 9 Kriya breathings, comparing the color levels form the vertices to the bases. The order of comparison is:

yellow red
orange orange
red yellow
magenta yellowgreen
purple green
blue bluegreen
bluegreen blue
green purple
yellowgreen magenta

It's lovely. It's energizing. Her body is really becoming a tool in concert with her spirit. What an outlet! While visualizing the raise in vibrations of color, she's pearl making and pyramiding.

Breathe into the 2 colors. Hold in the Still Light. Breathe out to nothing. Relax and hold in nowhere. Breathe in, bringing colors together in the center, compare them, become them, alternate rainbow and spectrum. On hold the chakras blaze as pure color radiant light points. Breathe out to I AM. Ask Spirit to use this energy to build the Light Body. On the hold, bring the triangles together in a pyramid.

Funicula practices this Kriya for seven weeks.

* The Keys of Enoch by J. J. Hurtak, © 1977 The Academy for Future Science

Light Body, pages 24-25

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