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January 21, 1980 Hoot Lal, a spirit whose light has the qualities of a prune, comes with a new teaching: "Reverberate the vibrations of color as sound in your bones, Funicula."

First in the cavities between the bones of her spine. Then in all the marrow. Then between the pelvis and the skull. "Introduce the new color spectrum order to the old rainbow of your bones, Funicula." She makes her breathing hiss to activate the vibes.

February 2, 1980 The basic building blocks of the Light Body are held together by a black thread of a new sound substance. She hears, "The thread is only limited by your desire."

February 10, 1980 Funicula exposes the raised quickened sound vibrations, amplified by her bones, to the Still Light. This is to slow them down to nothing--a new chance to build the Light Body. The stilled vibes are passive, storable, transportable and mixable. It's like drying an herb. Later, she feels Light squeezing out like drops from the cracks of her old self.

Febrary 11, 1980 With a knocking in her heart, Funicula's attention is drawn to the connection of the Light with the blood made in her bones. February 16, 1980 Large "balls of fire" of the violet energizer (ultraviolet light?) is sent to aid the transmutation of blood in the bones. February 18, 1980 Joel Andrews' music inspires Funicula to attune to the earth's overtone scale. February 19, 1980 Crackling electrical changes make Funicula aware of a crystalline structure of her Light Body, like a new star.

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