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Funicula envisions expanded color levels after 6 weeks of practicing with sounds and colors.

If the star relates to the ordinary Brain Cell, how would color levels relate to the expanded Brain Cell, the Haptihedron? First she tries this diagram (see drawing). She finds she has diagrammed the Tree of Life from the Quabala. The radiant circles on the drawing mark the sephira or nodes of the tree.

But the Haptihedron is bigger. There are squares between the triangles. So Funicula adds 4 color levels. A Gap is left at center.

Immediately she knows the Gap is a source of Light to build the Light Body. She sees the angels bend down their wings and begin to propagate light as 2 M.E.T. bodies, one on either side of the triangles. For days she breathes to the top and bottom triangles. The colors compared are the same as before, but the order is not pleasing. She wants to "increase the Gap" and "raise the vibration."

Increasing the Gap is done by pushing the colors out from the center, slowly and surely. Moving one color level out each day in rythym with 9 Kriya breathings, it will take 9 days. Then the new color spectrum will be at the top and the old rainbow colors will be at the bottom. The Gap is a widening window.

Raising the vibrations enables Funicula to move from the matriarchal up thru levels to the patriarchal. "No man comes to the Father except by me" says Christ in the Bible. Funicula asserts her masculine energies, navel at Gap.

Light Body, pages 28-29

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