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The Gap taps the "place of colors" (from Universal Mind) so colors come forth each day to replenish the color order as it moves up and out the top and down and out the bottom.

March 2, 1980 Funicula begins her 9th day "Increasing the Gap." She breathes into the top and bottom colors of the expanded triangles--Oranges (see drawing on page 29). She breathes out to nothing. On breathe in she brings the colors to center, pushes them way out and replaces them. She breathes out to I AM, affirming new Light from within.

Events in each day seem to go with the level "getting the Gap" that day. March 8, 1980 On the 7th day, when the original color triangles have advanced out to match the top and bottom of the Quabala Tree of Life, Funicula finds herself in a trance. She sees "PTAH" the Egyptian High God of creation. He has a turquoise helmet. Her head is in turquoise (bluegreen) today. His wings are wrapped closely about his body as his garment. She becomes Ptah. The wings caress and wrap her directly.

Funicula remembers an old song at breathing 8. Tau Tau de Tau Tau In And A- bout. She sings it. On breathing 9 she chants: Yah-we, Yah-we, YahYahYah-we, although she's never heard it before.

The feathers of the angel's wings permeate her body, making one rod, or column. Intense generation of current (light?) flows through the feathers. She hears: "Your consciousness will come to inhabit a different body than it does now. It will live in this light body. From now on you are growing in this new body; growing up and becoming familiar with it. What's it like to be made of light?"

Light Body, pages 30-31

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