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OMlulu Chakra Shells

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This page is part of the OMlulu series, started in 1998. Here are two graphics showing cross-sections of chakra sphere shells. The second drawing shows a person.


First see it, later explain it. The chakra shells are concentric energy spheres. This drawing shows them on a figure in the Wholeo dome frame, drawn by Elizabeth. Notice that the largest sphere encompasses the whole person. See a chart of the expanded color aura shells. Compare these chakras with energy centers of Wonder in Aliceland chakras. Compare them with the color levels of the energy centers in the Light Body chakras (65KB) or an expanded set.

Wholeo chakras

These chakra energy spheres are akin to the Aura/Wavelengths design. For more information about aura and wavelengths, see pattern of vibes is explained in the cross-references to inspiriting and aura/wavelengths pages.

See the seven colors of the rainbow as the basic chakra system from red at the root to violet at the crown. Many classic descriptions of chakras show the chakras as points rather than spheres. Here the violet at the crown is also at the feet .

The outstretched hand in this graphic hints at the chakras associated with expansion of consciousness. See the faint turquoise above the head and surrounding the basic spheres as chakra eight. see the lightening galaxy green ally spotlight as chakra nine. See the horizon as chakra 10. See the framework as chakra 11. See the surround, the background, as chakra 12.

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