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March 22, 1980 Funicula, still high on Spring, prepares for the ceremony of Inviting in the Light. Prayer: "Let the female polarization assert. Let 'Black Magic' be freed from 'bad'. Let balance pervade. It is time for the female angel to be uppermost. Let me be an agent of divine energies. Let this knowledge spread."

Joy! Funicula sees the circulation of light in the M.E.T. bodies at each color level in a double pyramid brought to the Gap. In Kriya she breathes yellowgreen and magenta, the innermost color levels, into the left nostril. She collapses the white and black angels right into the center to propagate light at this level in the Gap. On hold, it's mixed with Still Light. Breathe out right, expanding Movey, letting it bounce off the contact with the center. Then breathe in right nostril contracting the right hand M.E.T. body into the center, and so on. She continues through the 9 color levels.

Could this light involved in color levels and the Gap be distinguished from the synthesized light of pearl-making? Could it be called 'whole light'? What are the ingredients? Who does it? Funicula feels part of the answer is in equalizing the speed. Each successive M.E.T. body must be accelerated to keep up with the inner M.E.T. bodies. The larger the M.E.T. body, the faster it has to go in the same amount of time to keep in step.

Luther Burbank (who's a "she" now) brings J. Chandra Bose to teach Funicula. This stage is crucial to expanding the Gap farther, starting tomorrow. In doing the Kriya she is amazed that the poles have to be changed at each pyramid stage. Apparently the awakening to the changing of the poles is very gradual. Funicula finds it very exciting that each day when she moves the colors out, she'll be increasing these concentric M.E.T. body rings, too.

March 23, 1980 In a building with a Red Hand above the door, Funicula celebrates "Inviting in the Light" with hundreds of people. The white hand (right) appears in vision afterwards. A flying saucer of light within a M.E.T. body lowers itself around the center of Movey. It is Grace. It must be named "Invite." Its radiant core ressembles a sheaf of sparks. Invite feels incredibly secure, smug, and cheery. "Thank you (who?) spirit, for its presence." Funicula wonders if the 3rd M.E.T. body will hold Movey together when the color levels are gone and the Gap surrounds.

She dreams of a snake biting a bird --a new union of sky-earth energies. She continues pearl-making, the basic principle of building the Light Body.

Light Body, pages 34-35

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