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Oct. 1, 1979 is the day when we of earth formally receive the Planet of Still Light. We promise to work with it. We breathe into the Still Light, apply the circle of 9 {explained later} to it and start a nuclear reaction in matter.

It will help us raise our basic rate of vibration.

The first bombardment.

If we don't make use of it by 2000 a.d., it will be taken onwards from us.

The Still Light is the closest vibe to God/dess we can know. It is in everything, but the Planet has been purified and consolidated by higher beings for our transformation at this time.

Doing yoga {explained later}, she takes the Still Light to the cell and atom nuclei. The changes are delightful. The explosion involves her whole body, especially the heart chakra. She becomes filled with light. She can tune it down to a spark, but it's inexhaustible. She can channel it. This is a very important day.

Light Body, pages 4-5

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