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ISBN: 0-942488-04-0

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The process of getting information by asking for it

A redesigned key for:

Phi Beta Kappa, the scholars society of the Illuminati, whose motto is:
"Per Aspera Ad Astra" (Through Hope to the Stars)

Many thanks to:

Oannes, the Fish-Tailed, from Sirius Crux
Christ J. Chandra Bose
Chief Royanah Gabriel
Ever Picasso
Frank and Georgiana Burt Einstein
Matilde Aymara Mya
Yogamaya Sister Thedra
St. Germaine Essie Parrish
Mt. Shasta Ginny Marufo
Galaxy People Lobdang Suyo
Morningstar Rose Red Hand and White Hand
Ptah Arcturus
Luther Burbank E. Claire Prophet
Vista and Crystal
Parmenides Danaan Parry
Hoot Lal Lila Forest
Homer Lee Naomi
Christopher Pirsig President Washington
Ferdinand Iver Lind
Xanther The Water Spirit
The "Planet of Still Light", which Funicula has seen (in visions) approaching for several days, is now here! It coincides with earth.

Light Body, pages 2-3

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