Second Memory Bead String

Second Memory Bead String--Formed During Birth

Second String of Memory Beads 45 I (new, in relationship to changing matrix) 46 Act (involving body coordination) 47 For my benefit 48 In any case (time) 49 What (how can I relate to it quickly?) 50 Is (was and will be, in change) 51 That? (The new action we have in common) 52 When (concentrating on now)
53 Does (action I find myself doing) 54 It (My thingness, instinctual action) 55 Happen? (from seeming void) 56 How (choice of methods) 57 Will (to what varying extent of motivation) 58 It's (Mixture of instinctual and intentional actions) 59 vary (proportion, ratio, math) 60 In (by the side of) 61 Categories of value (essential comparison)
62 Attraction (magnetic) 63 Repulsion (magnetic) 64 Generalization of psychological value factors 65 Outward 66Inward 67 Relative force (centripetal or centrifugal) 68 I (choice amongst the various Is now in the psyche) 69 Can enjoy (positive decision) 70 It (my creative imaginative synthesis)
71 Anywhere (my psychological -not objective-space) 72 Vibes 73 The emotion of vibes (feelings, being 'moved') 74 Chemical analysis of vibes 75 Inner Eye (Pineal receives light from retina) 76 Balance (psychological) 77 Relegating some movements to reflexes. 78 Beyond ego-peace. Transcending spacetime continuum 79 Love. Transcend speed. Understanding of instantaneousness.
80 Evaluating faculty of the chakras. (Wheel energy centers) 81 Circulation faculty of the chakras and prana paths 82 Opening mind. Allowing awareness. Flower of Consciousness. 83 First breath of air. Know death (of old way) is life 84 Breathing is potential power. 85 Transcending inner and outer. Suspicion 86 Needing others. Social warmth. 87 Alienation. Crying. 88 Contemplation of complexity. Aloneness.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 114-115

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