Spirit Coil Scans Two Memory Bead Strings

Wonder goes on, "I see the afterbirth. The placenta is a fearsome bloody meat flower. My Consciousness Flower is a buoy. But they pass through it as if it were not there. It's fading for me now. I can't see theirs.

"Someone moves me coldly away. They're cleaning my skin as I lie on a flat, dry, hard place. I'm pulled down onto the surface, but not too much. With a little effort I could get up and move. I want to . . . to live.

"Now I'm tired. I'm alienated. I cry. One last vision of the psyche appears. I see my Memory Beads. The 88th Bead fits into place to complete the double string. It's about the complexity of life-death and how I can contemplate it. I'm glad to be here. I rest near the mother. Visions fade.

"I detect a pattern. No matter what happens, I think it's against me and I will die. After the change I feel more powerfully alive. Actually, I am connected. I guess all might be one, after all."

Wonder's leap comes down to earth. Spider Woman's web of illusions rewinds, expands, abounding in angles. In the light of the angles is the love of Universal Mind. Lining up in the light, the angles tell the story. Wonder runs forward again and the dream animals return to their realm.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 112-113

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