Flower of Consciousness

Wonder goes on, "A feeling that has been surging in my belly ever since I left the womb is now irrepressible. I feel the Funnel of the colors of the Mushroom Ribs project out. The Point of Consciousness blooms. The Flower of Consciousness is the soulful eye of me. In another sense it is an offering to the beings who attend my birth. Like a poppy flower swaying on a long stem, or an organic radar dish, it opens. Through it, I can leave my body. I go out into the flower. I see the baby as a luminous fish held up over the sparkling water of a dark ocean. I love me in the smooth blue sky and golden light. I go back to my body. Now that I have opened my rare gift I feel utterly vividly, the void.

"The acid air grips my pores, eating away at my flesh and it might get in me. This vile air is a violation. I resist it with all my might. The people spank me. Why don't they give me some inner light? I can't hold back the suicidal urge to open my nose and mouth. I take my first breath. It stings and pushes holes in my insides. The blast of air in my lungs causes simultaneous joy, hate, anger, excitement, love and mixed tactile, physical, and chemical sensations. The gut reaction is again surprisingly positive. I'm alive. This is what I want.

"But the pain of it makes me do something else, I yell furiously. 'Wahhh' I push out this air as hard as I can. I make a great sound with that invasive stuff. It must be power for me. Each breath helps the circulation of vital Prana. Maybe I could save some and rebuild my lost light."

Color graphic on back cover, see graphic 18, bottom right.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 110-111

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