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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Process-oriented programming contains object-oriented programming. It aims to model the experience of paying attention. This is a preliminary outline and graphic. See OMlulu and index.

Beginning about 1980, Whole Light Beings (WLBs) have appeared to me in groups of 5. Each being brings two commandments. Following the commandments helps evolve and expand consciousness. This set of 5 is for OMlulu. The explanations are still very unfinished. The related artifact is to the right.

Benzoa-- 1, 2

tet (1) Help me. Save me. Is contracting. (2) Needs affirmation of the still place contraction comes from that makes it expansion. Have poured a drop of vodka into cold water and a drop of Kahlua into decaf for ritual observance during meditation.

I see the lower left me and movement as smooch stuff about how the still part of contraction is expansion sensing. That is don't identify with what is contracting but the essence is always smaller or bigger so essence is expanding. I come and go from grasping a sense of this. It is fascinating and I think I can express it better. This is Benzoa, first WLB of OMlulu at Svaeieia. (1,2 commandments) Benzoa are like acceptance of death, first grieve for the contracting then joy in the expansion. Like Grebe, tetrahedron.

Galargoa--3, 4

cube Need to get 5 WLB commandments all at once, since they are a group. Are individuals but coming to me as a parcel. (3) The interface to my singularity -> . (or undivided) (4)The interface to multiplicity -> O (very divided)

(gal-arg'wa) separation in one rune perfectly expresses. That is the parcel of WLB to singularity or the point interface to multiplicity. The interface to multipliciy (very divided). Like Seraph. Cube.

Fencid--5, 6

sphere Fencid (why always type this as Gencid? Perhaps starts with consonant sound that I don't know? Combo between F and G kind of like first part of J. Or very short G.) Fencid Kind of movement or change. Wings down, bird forward. Beat (long for glide). Wings up, feet back, glide. Glide (prepare for beat). but then saw a bird rising on a thermal and thought how Leo's joy consciouness is always there, here, with gliders. Then saw two closer birds flapping towards me. So the birds were acting out fencid! Like Muzlo. Hemisphere.

Tresker--7, 8

pentagon The kinds of weaving. Interesting, 5 strands in braid. Reach out for the strand, reach in for the winding together with other strands. So this commandment set differs from all the others. Like Benetron. Pent. Tresker How draw a 5-strand braid? Kinds of weaving from reach out, reach in.

Endali--9, 10

double tet Feather vibe-natural direction. Feather vibe dragged unaturally in reverse (like petting cat from tail to head.) Reverse and retro reverse (both on either side of the shaft). feather flow/not. Like Twistor. Hexagon

Svahili--11, 12

artifact 0spiralBuoyant and fragrant is the message and I'm choosing these for the commandments of 6 Svwa. I'm using that name because it is the start of Svaeieia, Shivaya, and Swahili. I'm combining these for this being.


Doing a daily exercise, vision quest, and meditation session is what I call yoga. Here are some hand positions to use that are associated with the OMlulu 5WLBs. Showing the artifacts helps these beings to act. See them as the artifacts arranged in a wheel. The wheel can spin tangent to 12th outer sphere chakra and intersect with a single being at a time. It can travel through the chakra shells at different speeds and ways of contact. For the Akashic to become aware of the integrated signals, do this from Gaia Point.

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