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O Mlulu

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I introduce Elizabeth on my personal family page. In time that site will tell more about my daughter from the outer viewpoint. This page is my inner view of her being and spirit known as OMlulu. That is Elizabeth's middle name.

Take a left brain or right brain approach. The left starts with words to describe the meaning of the visions. The right starts with pictures to see the visions. Often these paths overlap and eventually cover all the same visions. The visions themselves are a mix of words and pictures. Pick a gate.

Left . . . Right

Right brain entry, picture gate

capstone :: chakras :: waiting :: MET

Left brain entry, word gate

Process-oriented programming (POP)

Not knowing exactly where to start in the spacetime continuum, I've chosen to start with attention to the undivided. In this scheme, I can begin to describe my visions of OMlulu as part of process-oriented programming (POP). This is my invention, based on what I know of object-oriented programming (OOP). This does not mean that OMlulu is, has been, or ever will be a computer program. OOP provides the ability to model complexity. POP focuses on processes rather than objects. We pay attention to changes, how things change, and what is between.

Top level: Attention. Follow this outline and diagram to Person.
OMlulu is associated with the spirit of a person.


Note: topics are incomplete. Don't read this yet please.
  1. The OMlulu spirit? What's that?
  2. History
  3. carolyoga
  4. OMluluyoga that was her graduation present. Get it on the web!
  5. Runesign 14
  6. Triangles in color healing,part of EIE
  7. gifts to me:
    1. Turquoise necklace
    2. blue NRG necklace
    3. Dogon copper coils necklace
    4. Turquoise headcovering
    5. earrings
    6. Runes
    7. orange dress
    8. microwave oven
    9. Norse sagas
    10. scarf with monet bridge
    11. cards, one of which forms altar, valentines, art
    12. mother's day message that I have framed
    13. car window squeegee
    14. personal toilet items
    15. crafts from Steiner school: scoop, knitted bag,
  8. Mudras

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