Process-oriented programming

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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Process-oriented programming contains object-oriented programming. It aims to model the experience of paying attention. This is a preliminary outline and graphic.


  1. Undivided
    1. Noint
      1. Divided
        1. 1/1
          1. Lost&Found or AfterImage

            1. Origin (Manifestation)
              -- name, temperature, color, speed, movement
              Could describe these as virtual classes?
              Bodily expression:mudra mostly associated with beings, but also chants
              1. Thing (What)
                1. Being
                  1. 3D Space-Time Being
                    So how do EloBen and Gyn fit in here? New species?
                    1. Person
                  2. Other dimension Being
                    ELobe, Elo, Benetron, Gyn
                    1. Meteor Crater Spirit (MCS)
                    2. Whole Light Being (WLB)
                      -- Metatron, Channel, Schimiane, High, Heart
                      -- Wholeo, Wholea, Wholee, Wholei, Wholeu
                    3. Colored Light Being (CLB)So how do I have subdrawings of this?
              2. Location (Where)
                x, y, z, 4, 5 noint joint, beyond (undivided)
              3. Process (How)
              4. Time (When)
                1. Curved Space
                  1. Local earth
                2. Straight
                3. Between
              5. Change, Reason, Description (Why)
  2. Miscellaneous Thoughts
    1. Spirit
    2. Design
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