OMlulu, Artifacts

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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Process-oriented programming contains object-oriented programming. It aims to model the experience of paying attention. This is a preliminary outline and graphic. See OMlulu and index.

The primitive heart artifacts are simple symbols. They are attributes of aura. You can see them whirling about overhead in the drawing of the crack. The shapes are a point, tetrahedron, cube, hemisphere, pentagon, hexagon, and twist. Here's a better picture, with a breathing gap. {Journal Feb 12, 1995}

artifact pointartifact tetartifact cubeartifact hemisphereartifact pent artifact hexagonartifact twist

Sometimes I place small sculptures of the artifacts on a turquoise scarf and surround them with gift necklaces, as ritual objects. The artifacts are associated with five whole light beings (5WLB) and their commandments.

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