Three chakras

Three Chakras Act

The dream animals meet Wonder on the Funnel of the Mushroom Ribs. All hug joyously in the light show atmosphere. Bear is struggling with a slightly paranoid sensation. He feels disoriented and confused. Squirrel picks it up and teases him. "The joker laughs at you. HA HA HA, HEE! HEE! HEE"!

Wonder squeezes Bear's paw assuring him "Just try to enjoy it, Bear. Feel its harmonizing influence." Her expansive gesture indicates the total reverberation. Gradually the taut expression on Bear's face is released.

"Look," Dog points out excitedly, "the highest and lowest Chakras are beginning to spin. It's getting even more marvelous."

Other chakras start to spin. One between the Navel and the Root called the Base of Spine goes. Between the Navel and the Crown, the Heart, Throat, and Pineal Chakras go. Chakras in the hands and feet go.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 90-91

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