Advanced Chakras

The entire egg space is fraught with action of spinning Chakras and arcs overlapping in unbelievable complexity. It's very energizing.

It peaks and then slowly gives way to the grand finale of the interior show. All the processes from the beginning at the Eye of Universal Mind are delicately superimposed one by one and completely fit together. Each is colored but transparent, so nothing is obscured. It is a stained glass wonderland of richness and diversity. But it has no leadlines or putty, no supports or wires, no dark bars. It is just pure colors--lovely. The friends all appreciate it fully.

Then they set off on a Mushroom Rib. Pausing outside the fetus' navel, they play with their perceptions. "I can concentrate on the Vibes and Cosmic Juices, or I can view the Umbilical cord and belly, if I choose," says Bear.

Squirrel thrills, "I see what I want to see--colors." Dog barks, "Cord."

Wonder muses, "I can see them winding together. The two kinds of things can been seen at the same time." Wonder sings, whistles, whispers, "Angles, angles the song of the angels is: 'Angles are close to the language of the God/desses'".

Bear turns, shocked. "I heard that exact line when we were watching the first Memory Bead. What has this place to do with angles?"

Wonder sighs, "What angles?"

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Wonder in Aliceland, pages 92-93

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