X. Health Aura and Connectors


The Health Aura and Connectors

Striving to twine her perceptions, Wonder sees the smooth fetal skin tufted with surly spikes resembling the marks cartoonists draw over their characters' foreheads to indicate strong nonverbal feelings.

Bear surveys the Health Aura, pronouncing, "It's assertive, I'd say." Wherever Dog and squirrel step, they feel zing, ting. ping; little sparks of recognition.

Turning, Wonder is amazed to see her friends sucked up in streaks of lightning and pinned in a sky of rainbow-oiled mist.

"What happened?" She sees (not hears) her words warped jaggedly out to explode like a bouquet of flowers on the surface. Endlessly, it mixes to new highs of being and troughs of lostness.

Uncertainly, Wonder steps out. Now it's her turn. The Connector originates from a pin prick sensation in the Health Aura, stretching Wonder's image like kite fabric across the transient angular spear of its shape. It blobs her up near her friends, like paint out of a loaded brush.

"That's some angle!" she cries.

"Yes. But how do we get loose?" Dog, Bear, Wonder and Squirrel wriggle helplessly. Connector

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 94-95

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