Transparent Arts - Light Conditioning

Corner, upper left

The corners on this page are a design for contact paper or adhesive-free static cling window film. I wish someone would manufacture and sell it. How sweet to quickly and cheaply condition the light of any window without blocking the view. Subtly soften and round the corners of practical rectangular openings, intensifying the view with light vibrations. Take it down or change it often.

Corner, upper Right

Before focusing on creating Wholeo Dome in 1967-1968, I was into transparency. Of myself, colored light, and space. I wished things to be open to each other, to reveal, receive, and transmit one another. Psychedelic rainbows flow around edges, gradually distinguishing and transitioning from dark to light, opaque to clear. Yes, I confess, opening the doors of perception had something to do with the inspiration.

corners, all 4

corner, lower left

In 1969 I was into celebrating "Transparent Arts Sundays" which are recorded in brief journal entries. #13 says, "Basic movement (more important than shapes and quantities...) down, up, across, getting bigger, circle and spiral. Spiral sums them up. It does all the movements! On - off (being). Maybe basic is direction of going (growing down-up back-forth-going around) opposing relations with reality. Circle is union with reality. Spiral (creative). Could do dance or painting of basic movements. Learn to see painting. Do dance.

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