Vibe Stationery

In the intro to the Staten Island art period, I say that I wanted to "express everything that I could see with my eyes closed." Also I wanted to know how my name looked in my mind. I wanted to see directly. This stationery was to provide a form for expressing the vibes, as structured on Information Storage Blocks in Brain Cells. Actual drawings took off into varied expressions, while tied to the sequence of cubes.

cubeIs it clear that the yellow marks outline four faces of a cube? The front and back faces are open. Each face is divided into six lines. Each line is formed from eight yellow marks. I silk-screened the design to make the prints on white paper. See also a transparent variety.

Use the stationery with the Vibe Coloring Book. You can construct a paper model of a Storage Block. It helps to envision the brain cell and information paths. For more information about vibes, see cross-references. Here are two examples of stationery art: a single and a series or a page of small graphic links to all.

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