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Wholeo guide to parts of Aqua arc

The Aqua guide goes into the pattern and the parts of the Aqua arc in the dome Wholeo. This arc follows the green arc of the Adept in the south. Aqua panels buffer the Adept like air/moisture as an interface to the deep blue path of consciousness on the sun path above. See all around views to left and to right to follow the verbal description. Click small images to pop up larger versions.

Aqua arcAqua SEAqua SW


Think of the aqua arc as a surround. It is swimming with cosmic juices. You could see the aqua immersion arc as a background with focus areas on a juice array, ESP, and cells. But back and fore grounds interchange, the back comes to the fore and you see different forms, actions, and arrangements of juices as well as radiant paths connecting some of them. Making all parts active is a design goal, implemented in different ways throughout the dome.

The aqua color flows behind the Pineal panel, that functionally is related to the Adept. Aqua also forms mini-surrounds or halos in the green arc as a circle around the Adept and within the Pineal.

To the left of the arc, near birth, the crosses show the edge of the TLM. Around the adept in the center of the arc, are the cosmic juice transmuted connections between Adept and Brain Cell through aura. To the right of the arc, near death (detail), the color takes on or mirrors or echoes the vertical to horizontal transition of the death end.


CJ arrayCosmic juices are green/gold sandwiches of light, seen here as an array. They are the gold dust on the wings of the moth of knowledge as Don Juan poesies in Casteneda's books. They are in the air but not of the air. You see them floating around in Wholeo and in your psyche. In the mind, they seem to play a key part in light transmission.

/I - guruBetween the Guru and Me is largely light blue transparent glass, a window to reality. Through it float vibes picturing an imagined telepathic encounter between myself and a teacher. It is how extrasensory perception (ESP) or direct transmission (as in Buddhism) might look.


CellsCells awakening. I called them god cells, looking at how it feels on a cellular level to search for the whole self.



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