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Cells emerging. In god cells I try to picture parts or ways of a person that would relate the person to the Whole. And they might unite all the smaller cells. I don't know if there is a special area for god cells. I don't know the exact anatomy of it. I just see how they might feel. The design gives the feeling of the energy process of the god cell as it's developing and growing. The little shapes kind of bubbling up into larger shapes do it.

The larger motif is the leaf shape (cell) reaching up toward the cut crystal patterned orb (god or cosmic message) hurling down from the peak. The downward arc is assimilated and multiplied by the leaf, channeling light crystals.

The god cell here was the first test panel to see if I could make curved sections that would be strong enough to make a dome. It worked. Rainbow-budding wriggles were easy to work out in glass. From doing these, I learned that I could visualize things I had not been taught to see. Important happening. I could have learned that at age three, but people were very busy then trying to get me to visualize what they taught. Later I began to get what I wanted. I wanted my body to study the way it worked and give me visual information about its process. Many of the results appear in the dark blue arc.


The clear pane is a window into and out of the dome. It gives a sense of perspective and depth; a zero point. However, when covered with condensation as in this photo, it is something else.

The god cells start out small, then spread out and grow like soap bubbles. The following photo shows the colored light from the panel projected on a lumpy foam form. It accentuates the expanding feeling. Later I tended to drop the word "god", since it implied a religious bias. These developing cells squeeze out of chinks around the dome and gloriously emerge wholly-developed in Essence of Being.

Light foam

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