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Wholeo guide to above - Cosmic Juices Transmuted in a Person

The Above guide shows Cosmic Juices, seen surrrounding the Adept in the south of the dome Wholeo, are transmuted in a person. The arc starts from the Spring, Creation panel. This page considers the earth dances arc, too.

Cosmic Juicing

Cosmic Juices transmuted in a person appear as waving flows of gold floating bubbles in green tubes. The bubbles are clear disks raised around the center that give a large scale and sense of freshly blown glass to this space. They depict globs flowing in channels. See Wonder in Aliceland picture and text.

The end (where they curl in a cluster of six, as shown to the left) may also be seen as chakras or energy centers up the spine. Maybe the undulating flow is related to Kundalini energy - the serpent power. Wonder in Aliceland explains this phase, also.

Earth dances in the brown panels that come and go alongside the Transmuted Juices in the arc that comes from the top of Spring, Creation. It is a whimsical part of Wholeo. It shows the joy of the movement of life on earth. That's where the rainbow comes apart, or gets put together - it's the seam. It is as if the green cosmic juices and brown earth arcs got raised up in the middle of the dome.

The lower part of the brown earth dances arc is shown best and further explained with an image from July, 2005.

Someone asked if the brown darkens when the basket weaves apart, referring to the death end panels of the sun path. The answer is that here there are no polarities as found in the sun path. Cosmic and earth intertwine.

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