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Wholeo guide, Wonder

Wholeo guide to the parts above

The Above guide goes into the pattern and the parts of the earth arcs in the dome Wholeo. They are anchored at the start of the arcs of Wholeo. Beyond the sun path, they interweave over the top of the dome. Follow the descriptions visually in the all around view panorama, clicking the thumbnails (to pop up larger versions), and the links at the end of the page.


The arcs following the sun path are ever more inward layers of occult, hidden psychic function/structures. Going from outer, mixing, to inner.

In the brown earth arc, dancings of earth. Triangulation is what is involved in the hologram of the universe and astrological biorythms; our attuning to the outer. Expanding beyond boundaries. Moving out of the box. The Arrow is an example of dynamic completion, with the physical exploration of color afterimages. Opening to the other.

In the green earth growth arc, Cosmic Juice transmuting is the interface, channeling our access to universal energy through our own internal system. Developing personal power. Channeling. Routing. Focusing.


Spring, Creation holds the genesis of the color arcs in Wholeo.

Transmutation Cosmic Juices Transmuted in a Person is inseparable from the earth dances. It is at once part of normal everyday functioning and also facilitates development beyond the ordinary.

Golden Tweezle Wootz The two tweezle wootz panels in Wholeo are attempts to render a vision of a new species which is not vulnerable to atomic explosions and does not need earth's atmosphere to survive.

These are a couple of little side shoots. The gold one is called "Tweezle Wootz" which is a new species. They come when people love each other in a pure way, unconditionally. The tweezle wootz can't be blown up by atom bombs and they are not dependent on earth's atmosphere. They turn up on the moon and probably farther out. The CJTinaP has something to do with the creation of the TW species.

What about the green lace? That's the green arc as it goes around a Tweezle Wootz. It gets shook up. It gets special there. Another side shoot, Space in the High Sierras, is part of the Magenta Arc.

Arrow/Triangulation Arrow starts to the east of Triangulation, and points to the west.

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