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Wholeo guide to above - Spring, Creation

This is the start to the Above path guide in the stained glass dome Wholeo.

Spring-creation" is a hexagonal panel in the bottom NE of Wholeo. It is just north of Breathe In of the sun path. Its colors are variations of galaxy green, made of light bright green golds, to be a small sunshine for the dome in any weather.

At the time this panel appeared, I was studying the angles of rotation and orbits of the earth sun, and galaxy. I made a roomsize model of the space; struck by the fact that the earth and the sun are both tipped about 60 degrees away from the axis of the galaxy. This might be a key angle in the formation of the solar system. Perhaps the 60 degree angle was dominant when earth was created. So this is my genesis panel. Since this was also the angle the prism bent light to create the spectrum, it seemed especially appropriate for Wholeo, bent as it was on cosmic color messages. So here the vibes lean to left or right at 60 degree angles.

Map of arc starts

From the sides of this panel spring the arcs in Wholeo. The arcs are ground, sun path (blue), cosmic juices transmuted in a person (green), earth dances (brown), beyond (magenta), and essence (red). Gold is more of a center or obscure target opposite the Adept.

arc mapMagentaEssenceSun Path

Ground is to provide a secure base for your energies during your Wholeo experience. Online, it could be the Akashic or Gaia Point. Literally, when Wholeo is installed, the ground varies from earth to rugs or floors, but is always bathed in significantly colored light. In the Wholeo exhibit colored light and tour pages, there are several views of the ground.

By design, ground is the other hemisphere of a sphere, the underground or shadow Wholeo that completes the visible one. It could be constructed. The dish could be filled with water, gold, white sand, myrrh, or foam, for example. Alternatively, Wholeo could be considered the entrance to an underground site.

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