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Under vision quest and construction. Expect changes. This is an open door for channeling akashically. For a Wholeo point of view on the Akasha, see the Gaia Point, a ritual space.


Guide to the Akashic Record, memory bead interactive access or color access.

Color Healing

The color pages are based on color healing.

AKA Color

Color port

I cast runes in the color weather program EIEball, asking for guidance about color and the akasha. The colors speak for themselves. The runesigns appeared in this order: OMlulu (virtual tetrahedron), priest, point, harvest, and hieloheal. The first is not a traditional rune and is covered, you can't see it. The others are Algiz, Odin, Jera, and Hagalz.

Color port transformation

The color port offers interactivity and transformations. A Java applet downloads with the images. Info tells about the viewer and has a pick list of ports. Options is a storyboard, explanation of how to use hotspots, and choice of automatic or step-by-step viewing of ports.

Simply for the record


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